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Plaw Naam Samvatsar-Brahma Dhwaj Puja


Scripts to perform Brahma Dhwaj Puja at home has been shared on our FB page
Due to the current lockdown in Mauritius:
1. If you are unable to procure a new bamboo stick for erecting the Gudhi, then use an older one after cleaning it.
2. You can forgo using neem and mango leaves if they are not available easily.
3. Akshata (unbroken rice grains mixed with kumkum) have the capacity to attract all principles. So you can offer akshata in place of coconuts, betel leaves, fruits if they are unavailable. You can offer akshata in lieu of flowers too.
4. If you are unable to prepare prasad from neem leaves, then you can offer any sweet as naivedya. If that is not possible then you can offer sugar as naivedya.

 Stay Safe!

click here for the script #gudhipadwa 2021


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